I-Rod® FAQ

The I-Rod brand FAQ

Q: “What is the difference between an I-Rod pipe support and a Nu-Bolt?”
A: I-Rod thermoplastic is the white, half-round rod we use for all types of pipe supports, and that’s why we call the brand I-Rod. A Nu-Bolt assembly is simply one form of an I-Rod pipe support. The Nu-Bolt is one piece of I-Rod fitted on a coated U-bolt with 4 nuts. Download the I-Rod Catalog.

Q: “Is I-Rod made of Teflon??”
A: No. I-Rod is a high-impact thermoplastic material. Teflon and Delrin are commonly used to try to copy I-Rod, but both fail, causing dangerous pipe corrosion. Teflon does not function due to lack of compressive strength. To see examples of I-Rod imposters made of Teflon that have failed in the field, visit the Press Release section.

Q: “Is the material on a Nu-Bolt neoprene?”
A: No. It is a cross-linked, heat-shrinkable polyolefin material. Neoprene would have to be vulcanized to stick to the U-Bolt; as a result, it would deform too much and cause problems with moisture retention. The purpose of the heat-shrink is to minimize damage to the pipe coating during installation.

Q: “What is the maximum piping temperature that I can use I-Rod on?”
A: Normally, at temperatures above 90°C (194°F), crevice corrosion is not a problem because the water simply evaporates; therefore, that’s our upper recommended continuous service temperature. However, the material can be used where temperatures rise to 120°C (250°F) for short durations (under 24 hours, as when used with flare stacks), but may experience some slight deformation at the contact area. There is a high-temperature version of I-Rod available for extreme heat; please contact us if you have questions about this HT material. Click here to view the full specifications on I-Rod.

Q: “Does the I-Rod create a stress-raising point on the pipe?”
A: No, not if the piping is correctly supported along its length. If there is noticeable sagging between support points, then the pipe is being overstressed and inadequately supported. Note: I-Rod has been used on hundreds of thousands of pipe supports for over 20 years, and we have never seen a problem.

Q: “How do I know I’m buying I-Rod and not some inferior copy?”
A: Every shipment of I-Rod is traceable, and is sent with a certificate of authenticity. All I-Rod is distinctly marked.

Q: “How can I secure the I-Rod to the beam? Is there an epoxy glue I can use?”
A: Our double-sided tape works well for initial fastening. Otherwise, it should be mechanically fastened to the beam. We do not recommend any type of adhesive or sealant.

Q: “What is an I-Rod Clip?”
A: I-Rod Clip is a new product used to line saddle-clamp-style supports and Grinnell clamps. Made of the same thermoplastic material (I-Rod), it is designed to prevent crevice corrosion at more substantial weight-bearing supports. It’s available in sizes to fit standard Grinnell clamps and pipe cradles. It can also be custom-sized or pre-installed in Grinnell clamps.

I-Rod-brand products

offshore-pipelinesI-Rod is sold in half-round, 10 foot lengths, or cut and drilled to fit standard U-bolts from 2” to 36. Sizes available: 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 1.5 inch diameter.
offshore-pipelinesA Nu-Bolt assembly is a galvanized black steel pipe U-bolt supplied with cut-and-drilled I-Rod and 4 nuts. Optional bolt finishes are 316 SS or SermaGard? coating.
offshore-pipelinesA convenient clip that fastens to new or existing Grinnell-style supports, I-Rod Clip eliminates corrosion effectively with the same I-Rod material. No fasteners or adhesive required.