Buried Onshore Coatings

Denso Protal Range Denso Petrolatum Products
High build achieved in only one coating operation
Very fast curing liquid applied coatings
Designed for the external protection of all line-pipe, fittings, specials and storage vessels
Standard high quality abrasive blast cleaning surface preparation
Can be applied by either brush, roller or spray methods
Fully backed by a team of qualified professionals who provide technical advice and on-site guidance
Protal 7000 Approved by British Gas Transco
In-situ corrosion prevention of gas, water, oil and other pipes and pipelines valves and fittings. Repair to damaged coatings. Protection of tie bars, post-tensioned rods, cables and tanks. Protection of metal components in transit and storage. Sealing formwork. General waterproofing medium, vapour barrier on thermal installation. Sealing of electrical components and connections. Isolation of dissimilar metals. This category also covers Densyl Tape and other related petrolatum products

Cold applied anti-corrosion and sealing tapes based on a synthetic fabric, impregnated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound.

The first petrolatum tape manufactured in the UK was Denso Tape, manufactured under licence by Winn & Coales (Denso) Limited. Densyl Tape has a higher application and service temperature range than Denso Tape.

Densyl Mastic is recommended for applications to awkward profiles. i.e. Flanges, Couplings, Valves, etc. Available in a number of sizes and shapes to ease application

Densopol Tapes Densoclad Tapes Denso Ultraflex Tape
Designed for application by hand or machine for buried or submarine pipelines, the protection of welded joints on coated pipe, bends, fittings, etc.

A synthetic fabric reinforcement coated with rubber bitumen adhesive compound and backed with a conformable PVC film. Due to its great flexibility Densopol 60 is used for wrapping small to medium diameter pipes, welded joints, bends and fittings whereas Densopol 80 is used on larger diameter pipes. High temperature versions are also available(HT).

The extreme toughness is due to the combination of the heavy duty PVC backing and the fabric reinforcement in the bituminous adhesive compound.

Denso Self-Adhesive PVC Tape
Used as an outerwrap for Denso Petrolatum, Bitumen and Butyl Tapes. Ideal
for colour coding in indoor applications

This tough PVC tape is used for overwrapping when additional mechanical protection is required or where physical contact is likely. Uses include: Overwrap on tie rods, cables, plastic coated steel service pipes and Denso wrapped handrails.

For the corrosion protection of all sizes of buried or immersed pipes and fittings. For machine or hand application to welded joints, bends, bare pipe lengths and pipe fittings.

Densoclad Tapes consist of a thick polymer bitumen adhesive, giving superior adhesion and flexibility, laminated to a tough plasticised PVC backing. The PVC thickness is selected to give several grades to suit different requirements of mechanical strength and conformability. The adhesive layer is protected by an interleaving, wider than the tape, which is discarded during application.

Densoclad 40 HT, Densoclad 50 HT and Densoclad 70 HT are available for use in temperate climates. Also available is Densoclad 70S which has a stiffer PVC backing.

Long-term external corrosion prevention for buried or immersed iron and steel pipelines. Their toughness and flexibility is provided by the elastomer modified polyethylene backing and polymer modified adhesive compound.

A cold applied self-adhesive tape for use as an outerwrap over Denso Petrolatum, Densopol and Densoclad tapes to enhance resistance to damage by backfill or soil stress. The tape is based on low density polyethylene with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Denso Stoneguard Denso Shrink Sleeve Systems
Providing protection against backfill on all types of pipe coatings saving costs on sand backfill and aggregate tax.

Denso Stoneguard is a flexible armouring which provides additional mechanical protection for coatings on metal pipelines where they are laid in rocky ground. Its diagonal mesh construction provides flexibility for easy application whilst ensuring maximum protection of the pipe coating against impact or indentation by rocky backfill. The open mesh exposes 70% of the coated pipe surface ensuring uniform passage of electrolyte and cathodic protection current avoiding any risk of screening.
Specifically designed for long-term protection of welded joints for small, medium and large diameter buried and sub-sea pipelines.

Denso Heat Shrink Sleeves are heat shrinkable polyethylene sleeves which provide extremely tough anti-corrosion protection for butt welded pipeline joints and factory coating repairs. They are compatible with all commonly used pipe coatings and are suitable for operation from -20°C up to 80°C. They are tested with reference to DIN, DIN EN & ASTM requirements.