Exposed Surface Coatings

Denso Steelcoat 50 System/Denso Void Filler Denso Steelcoat 400 System
For protecting pre-stressing and post tensioning cables and anchorages in ducts

A semi solid paste which can be pumped hot or cold, it totally excludes air and water preventing corrosion.

Denso Steelcoat 50 System/ Denso Void Filler comprises a specially formulated petrolatum compound (Denso Void Filler) for pumping hot or cold to fully fill the space between tendons or cables and ducts where it forms a semi-solid paste that encapsulates the cable. Because air, water and pollutants are totally excluded from the area there can be no corrosion. The system is also used for the protection of anchorages.

Non-cracking, lightweight and allowing the easy removal of the protected tendon for inspection or replacement, the Denso Steelcoat 50 System makes a sensible alternative to traditional cement mortar grout.

Special pumping equipment and heated storage tanks are available for hire or purchase.

For structural steel, pipework, fittings and tank bases
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +65°C

A hand applied tape wrap system designed for 30 year plus life in severe corrosive environments

Denso Steelcoat 400 System comprising deep penetrating primer (Denso Penetrating Primer), an easily applied layer of semi-coated acrylic backed tape (Denso Ultraseal Tape) and a choice of topcoats (Denso Acrylic or Urethane Topcoat).

The final topcoat can be reinforced with a selected reinforcing scrim (Denso D5 or D10 Scrim) for sections of steelwork or pipework which require additional impact resistance. After priming, Denso Profiling Mastic is first utilised to seal and profile back to back angles, voids, flanges or fittings, before application of Denso Ultraseal Tape and selected topcoat.

Ideal for badly pitted or rusted steel structures.

&Denso Steelcoat 700 System Denso Steelcoat Tank Base
Protection System
Denso Steelcoat 300 System
For structures, exposed pipes and structural steelwork
Maximum operating temperature: 55°C

500 microns thick, minimum two coat brush or spray applied epoxy mastic coating suitable for power tool cleaned surfaces

Denso Steelcoat 700 System comprises of a two part glass flake reinforced epoxy mastic coating (Denso S.T. Epoxy). A minimum of two coats is easily applied by brush or airless spray. Denso S.T. Filler is utilised to fit any voids, gaps or bad pits. Denso Stripe Coat ensures high build over edges and bolts.

When exposed to ultraviolet light a third coat of Urethane based material (Denso Weathershield) is applied for extra protection (prevents chalking). Light colours of Denso S.T. Epoxy are recommended to ensure the epoxy is fully covered with the final Weathershield topcoat.

For Industrial Storage Tanks. The system seals the vulnerable base with a flexible but tough outer-armouring which is also highly weather resistant protecting against corrosion.

Due to various design issues and operating conditions, the external base area of steel storage tanks is vulnerable to corrosion problems. This is due to thermal and/or physical movement of the tank which causes cracking and is compounded by precipitation that runs down the side of the tank, collecting and laying in the same area. Water contaminants then enter anycracks between the concrete and steel, causing a steady deterioration of both materials.

The system seals the vulnerable area with a flexible but tough outer-armouring which is also highly weather resistant.

For small diameter pipework and fittings.
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C

A very fast hand applied tape coating requiring no primer or overpainting – Designed for a 15 year service life

Denso Steelcoat 300 System comprises a selected coloured petrolatum tape (Denso ColourTape) and a compatible neutral coloured mastic (Denso ColourTape Mastic) which is ideally suited for small to medium diameter pipes.

No primer is necessary and application by hand or wrapping machinery is quick and easy. The choice of tape colours gives an attractive finished appearance and is ideal for colour coding when necessary. A clear adhesive tape (Denso Clear Tape) can be utilised as an additional outerwrap to provide plastic sealing properties and extra mechanical protection.

A Fire Resistant grade is also available where such standards are called for.

Available in White, Blue, Red & Grey.

Steelcoat 100 System Denso Steelcoat 200 System/Denso Hotline Tape Denso Steelcoat 500 System
For structural steel – pipework and fittings
Operating Temperatures: -50°C to +60°C

A versatile tape coating for badly pitted metal surfaces and damp/low temperature pipework

Denso Steelcoat 100 System comprises an adhesive petrolatum primer (Denso Hi-Tack Primer) an optional petrolatum paste compatible with damp surfaces (Denso S105 paste) and a very adhesive petrolatum tape (Denso Hi-Tack Tape).

For pitted or badly rusted structural steel and pipework applications Denso Hi-Tack primer and Tape are utilised in conjunction with a petrolatum mastic for sealing voids and fittings (Denso Profiling Mastic). For damp/low temperature pipework pipe surfaces are first primed with Denso S105 Paste. A mastic with additional insulation properties (Densofil) is utilised to seal flanges and voids prior to tape wrapping.

For metal pipework
Maximum Operating Temperature: 110°C

A VOC free tape wrap system for above ground pipes operating at high temperatures.

Denso Steelcoat 200 System comprises a plastic backed petrolatum tape (Denso Hotline tape) and a high temperature mastic for sealing fittings in awkward shapes (Densoseal 16A). No primer is required.

For above ground pipe and pipelines
Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C

A fast machine applied, heavy duty acrylic backed pipeline tape coating designed for 30 year plus service life

Denso Steelcoat 500 System comprises a deep penetrating primer (Denso Penetrating primer) and a tough acrylic backing laminated to a thick rubber bitumen adhesive compound (Denso Acrylic Tape).

Denso Rigspray Micro
A more economical coating system applied at a thickness of 600 microns, with an expected service life of up to 20 years.

Denso Rigspray Micro is a primerless, two component, medium duty coating, designed to protect exposed steel surfaces from corrosion and abrasion. The coating is an isophalic polyester resin reinforced with micro glass flakes available in a selection of colours to specification. As an optional component of the Denso Steelcoat 1000 System, this provides a more economical lower build when compared to standard Denso Rigspray.

A single-coat corrosion prevention coating for aggressive environments, suitable for;

Sheet Pilings Tanks & Vessels
Helidecks Deck Surfaces
Splash Zones Underdeck Areas
Bridges Risers
Denso Steelcoat 1000 System Denso Steelcoat 900 System
A Heavy duty glass-flake reinforced polyester resin coating. Can be applied by airless spray to abrasive blast cleaned steel surfaces in a one coating, operation up to 1mm in thickness (1000 microns) with an expected service life of 30 years.

Denso Steelcoat 1000 System comprises of a two component reinforced polyester glass flake coating (Denso PGF 1000) that offers outstanding resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

The robust coating is applied by airless spray and can achieve a dry film thickness of 1mm or 1000 microns in one coating operation. Good mechanical resistance of the coating is achieved within 3 hours at 25°C. For improved service life two coats are applied at 750 microns per coat to increase overall thickness to 1,500 microns average.

For high temperature pipework and vessels.
Operating Temperatures: 0°C to 220°C

+150°C upper temperature achieved with one single 400 micron hot sprayed liquid coating

Denso Steelcoat 900 System is a two component hot spray or brush applied specialised epoxy resin coating (Denso Heatshield). Glass Flake reinforcement ensures a tough finish which is highly resistant to chemicals, oil and sea water.

The special formulation makes the product suitable for use on steel surfaces operating at temperatures of up to 150°C and 220°C under fume and gaseous conditions depending upon the chemical type and concentration levels.