Who We Are – InnoCorr Offshore


InnoCorr is aim to be leading provider of Corrosion protection systems and engineering services. InnoCorr focus in providing innovative offshore platforms corrosion protection technology specially for aging process piping and pipeline in need of life extension.

  • Neptune Research, Inc (NRI)
    • Innovative Composite Solutionsis engineered to be stronger than steel. NRI’s reinforcing system deliver unparalleled product performance and conform to ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS 24817 standards.
  • Viscoelastic coating
    • Self-healing solid viscoelastic polymer coating with melting point equal to polyethylene/polypropylene material (150″ deg” C) with UV resistance outerwrap to provide mechanical protection.
  • Deepwater I-Rod™ / Nu-Bolts™ Pipe supports products
    • proprietary designed and patented product is specifically designed to prevent crevice corrosion on piping at 6 O’clock position by isolating metal contact between pipe and the support. It also can be used to replace Neoprene lined Riser clamps on non-Neoprene Lined riser pipe at offshore.

With cooperation from above well-known and reliable business partners, InnoCorr is able to provide innovative permanent corrosion prevention solutions to cure Corrosion Under Pipe Supports (CUPS), pipeline field joint coating and riser pipe coating, Jetty piles splash zone protection

With our competent engineering team with NACE certifications in Corrosion and Coating; InnoCorr capable providing corrosion solutions for every industrial market including pipeline, refinery, above and underground storage tanks, water, wastewater, marine infrastructure and onshore facilities.

InnoCorr is serving the below industries which include East & West Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar as well as Brunei for:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Electric Power Generation
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Offshore and Marine Jetties

InnoCorr strives to provide high-quality corrosion control materials and cost-effective services, including engineering, pipeline integrity, installation & commissioning, coating inspection and piping quality inspection.